Bunny Nails!

Hey guys!

Bunny nails will be often seen on my blog when not doing challenges and whatnot because I just really like rabbits. This is also the first review and look at the bunny decals from the BornPrettyStore! There will also be a preview of the bows from the haul as well :)


I just had to choose the dancing bunny to go alongside the bunny playing the maracas, it was very fitting. The decals themselves were pretty easy though you need to bear in mind that they do not go on like a temporary tattoo. Firstly you need to wet the decal (after peeling up the plastic), then I use tweezers to lift up the decal to place on my nail. I always make sure that my nail is slightly wet to give the decal something to stick to, then I smooth with a damp cotton pad to set the design. Once the design is set and dry then you top it off with a top coat and you’re good to go.

It’s great for any person to have in their nail arsenal and it’s completely noob friendly for easy manicure powers! I used a base of Essie’s Fashion Playground from their Spring 2014 collection, topped with a coat of Essence’s Holographic topcoat – holo topping, please. For the first and little finger, I then used two coats of Essence’s Steel-ing the Scene from their Metal Glam collection.

Here is the mani with the bow on!



As you can see, I completely misjudged how large they would be! But I do have tiny hands so I am not particularly surprised. To keep these on you would need to use some kind of nail glue otherwise they will fall off. I think they would be great for decoden phone cases or something similar!

What I used:
ღ Essence’s Strengthening Base Coat
ღ Essie’s Fashion Playground
ღ Essence’s holo topping, please!
ღ Essence’s Steel-ing the scene
ღ OPI’s Start-to-Finish top and base coat
Bunny water decals from BornPrettyStore

If you missed it, BornPrettyStore also gave me a 10% discount code for you guys to use :)



See you soon!


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