Born Pretty Store Items including Discount Code!

Hey Guys!

Something a bit different for this post, I was contacted by the BornPrettyStore and asked if I would like to review some of their items, so being the addict to cute things and nail art that I am I of course accepted. Now I am not paid at all for these opinions, but I did get some items to have a look at and I will include manis with the items I have used from their store. Now without further ado, here is what I received!

1. 1.5mm Silver Nail Studs. Now I love me some nail studs, but I have quite small nails and like more intricate designs sometimes, so the option of the smaller size is great!

BornPrettyStore Nail Studs

2. Skull decals! They had a few options for the skull decals, but I was really drawn to the floral and lacy skulls.

3. Bunny decals! I really like bunnies and cute things, so these were a no-brainer. Water decals are such a nice and easy way of making a quick nail art design!


4. Bows! I wasn’t really anticipating the size of the bows but damn are they cute!


I must say, I was completely surprised with how long that they took to arrive! I was told they should take about 3 weeks since they were shipping from China, but I checked my mailbox about 5 days later and they were there! I was pretty unsure about what it was at first as I wasn’t expecting anything at the time apart from a re-order of Pokémon X…

Look for any upcoming manis including these items! They also provided me with a lovely 10% discount code for you all to use, you can find their full line of nail art stuff here!



See you guys super soon!




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