Companion Cube Nails?

Hey guys!

Today’s post is just a swatch – kind of. A while back, Emily de Molly did an international shipping period so me and one of my best friends decided to band together and get some polishes from all the way in Australia. The first appearance of EDM on my blog is one of my new favourite polishes, My Bleeding Heart. I ended up actually picking up two bottles in the end because of the fact it reminds me of Companion Cube from Portal!

My Bleeding Heart


Now, I didn’t end up having an appropriate shade of grey that I wanted to use, which is a complete shock considering the amount of nail polish I own but alas. My Bleeding Heart has a sheer jelly pink tone that isn’t really build-able as a base colour to my liking as I am not a fan of sheer polishes but it makes a wonderful top coat. The large heart pieces are pretty damn easy to get out of the bottle, which I was quite surprised about as most of the time you have to fish out larger glitters yet I had no problem with getting them out of this bottle.

My Bleeding Heart


As you can see from the bottle, the glitter is pretty damn dense so you don’t have much of a pain to go through to get any out. I used two coats of My Bleeding Heart just so I could have two hearts, because I like hearts. Simple as that really. The base coat I used for the accent nail is a new Limited Edition polish from Catrice (I have swatches and a blog post for that coming up soon), called Gem Into The Future. The matte black polish is just Orly’s Matte Vinyl which is one of my favourite matte polishes!

What I used:
ღ Essence’s Strengthening 24/7 Base Coat
ღ Catrice’s Gem Into The Future
ღ Orly’s Matte Vinyl
ღ Emily de Molly’s My Bleeding Heart

See you guys soon!


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