Unicorn Nails!

I make an appearance once again to show you what must be my favourite nail design of this year so far! Actually, thinking about it, it might be my only design this year so far.

I present to you, Unicorn and Pegasus glitter nails! Now the Unicorn nails were a bit of an experiment to see how much the holographic top coat I was using dulled out the colour, and the answer seems to be quite a bit so I just didn’t apply the holo to the Pegasus nails as I preferred it without.

Unicorn Nails

My favourite hand as you may have guessed is the Pegasus mani!

Unicorn 2

Pegasus Nails

I have been going through a very green phase with my nail polishes recently, and I really like how the design turned out on the green base. The one in the picture currently is Essie’s Naughty Nautical with a layer of Essence’s Holo Jewels polish Bejeweled. The stamping polish is Essence’s Inkheart from their Limited Edition range “Love Letters” which is just a dark grey stamping polish, and then over the top of that I did a layer of Essence’s holographic topcoat holo topping, please! All of that was then topped of with Essence’s Shine Like New gel-like topcoat. Then of course, a glitter mani is not complete without rhinestones!

What I used:
ღ Essence’s 24/7 Nail Base
ღ Essie’s Naughty Nautical
ღ Essence’s Bejeweled
ღ Essence’s holo topping, please!
ღ Essence’s InkHeart
ღ Essence’s Shine Like New

I have been on an Essence binge if you didn’t notice! Over here in the Netherlands they are the cheapest brand and their quality is awesome, on top of the fact they tend to keep up with the current nail trends so you can always find some fun stuff! I am trying to get back into the nail blogging again, so let’s see how long this will last for!



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