Nightmare Before Christmas Nails

I know I have been on a huge massive hiatus, though I am not sure how often I will update this blog anyway. Most likely when I have time now. I have a full time job and I write reviews in my spare time for PushStartPlay which is a games review site.

Today’s nails were inspired by my sister watching Nightmare Before Christmas while on Skype.

I present, Nightmare Before Christmas nails! These count as festive right?


Look at my wonderful icon too! Designed by my wonderful friend KelseyKeefe made it for me and I am in love <3

What I used:
ღ  HEMA White
ღ  Essence’s Black is Back
ღ  Orly’s Rococo A-Go-Go
ღ  Various acrylic paints

It was nice to be able to do some nail art again. I have been a bit bummed out about it since I bit off all of my nails and they haven’t quite grown back yet :(

Maybe I will see you shortly!


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