The Polish Bar – Sparkling Topaz

Hey everyone!

So I have been having loads of problems with making my videos right now, so they are being even more delayed on top of my general slackness.

Fun story time! I entered a competition contest thing on The Polish Bar’s Facebook page, you know, one of those “Share and Like” things. Anyway, I went away for a weekend because it was my boyfriend’s sister’s birthday, and I got back and thought I missed claiming the prize. But I didn’t! And it arrived today, and it is gorgeous and I was extremely hyper and happy.

This post will be a bit more picture heavy than usual, because I wanted to show off everything!

BottleSo the bottle is pretty basic, but look at the colour already! How pretty is it?
Base - NameThe bottom of the bottle. Handwritten sticker with the name on, I think it’s so cute. But I guess that only works if you have nice handwriting!
One CoatThis picture shows the polish with one coat. It’s so lovely. It even matches my top – that you can kind of see. The formula is really nice, and jelly! It comes out really smoothly, but as you can see, one coat isn’t opaque enough.

One and Two CoatThe pointer and middle finger are one coat, and the ring and little finger are two. As you can see, two coats make quite a large difference to the opacity. I think it comes out absolutely gorgeous.

Two CoatsThe polish itself is a medium blue/teal with little flakies in and a bit of holo glitter. Two of my favourite things~ I can’t stop staring at my nails right now. In the light it looks more blue, like the picture, and in the shade it looks a bit more teal.

Swatch StickFirst thing I did when I got it was a swatch, of course~

Bottle SwatchA nice picture showing off the lovely wonderfulness that is the holo.

So yes! In short, I love the colour and the formula is great. Thumbs up from Chark! And I will definitely be ordering more from her when I am able to! Since the shipping from the US is a bit expensive, and the polishes are around €7 for a full bottle.



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