Atashi – Chobits.

Hey everyone~

I have been MIA for a week, and I am sorry! I have kind of made a small schedule for my blog now, which involves posting 3 times and week and making 2 videos a week! Hopefully, anyway.

Chobits is a dear anime to me, it was one of my first animes I properly got into and I love it. My favourite animal is also a bunny, so what better way to mix the two? Atashi is the bunny that you see in the book that Chi reads, called “The City with no People”.

I think she is super cute. Here are my nails for today! I am pretty damn proud of them.

Atashi Chobits

The background is a gradient from Barry M’s Vivid Purple, to Essence’s Hello Marshmallow. Everything else is drawn with Acrylic paint and a #000 paintbrush. This took me ages, but I absolutely love them.

See you again soon!


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