Kikker en Eend!

Hey everyone!

Today’s YouTube video is up~ 

The design for today’s mani is inspired by the first book I read in Dutch! Kikker is verliefd~

Kikker is verliefd


Since I moved to the Netherlands, I have tried all sorts of ways to learn Dutch. One of those ways was reading kids books! This was the first one I read and it was so sweet! I was reminded of it again while looking through my bookshelf.


First I put on a two coats of OPI’s Teal the Cows Come Home. Then I used acrylic paint for everything, except the clouds which I used HEMA’s white. I may have been a bit slack and instead of using sponge, I used toilet paper, but it worked so who cares!

I’ve been working on making all pretty things for my YouTube and stuff! My friend Nell over at Interrobang made me a pretty icon for my YouTube for now until I decide how I want to make everything look~ I love her. ღ

The weekend was pretty fun! Went to Saime’s parents in the countryside for his sister’s birthday and made fires and played with animals. My mani from the Friday didn’t really make it. But my accent nail did! I was so surprised. Long lasting apparently! Will post a picture of it up soon!

I have a rough schedule for the posts of the week planned out now~ So hopefully I will stick to that!



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