Red and Black Stripes

Hey everyone!

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, I was really tired and no manis were going right for me. Today’s mani was pretty annoying as well, I tried out stripes using striping tape and I need to use tweezers to remove the tape next time. I got polish all over my hands!



I need some more practise with my striping tape I think! I mean, I have plenty of it to use anyway, so I might as well work on making it look pretty. I already did a black and white one on a swatch wheel, so I wanted to use a different base colour to see how it turned out. I quite like it.

The base colour was a polish I got at Christmas from Primark, and it smells so much. But it comes out pretty nicely. Another problem with this one which I didn’t notice with the last one I tried, was that this took a lot longer to dry.

I am working on a schedule for posts! Maybe that will keep my mind sorted about what to do, as I cannot seem to think about any designs recently. What do you think of the watermarking? Should I keep it like this or go back to the old way?

See you soon!



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