Essence “Peel-Off” base coat test! With bonus Amethyst Glitter (again). Warning: This post is picture heavy.

Hey everyone!

Today I put Essence’s Peel-Off base coat through rigorous testing, with the most concentrated glitter I own – Amethyst Glitter.




The Test Subjects!


Looks like PVA glue!


Dries clear~


The ultimate test. So sparkly!


Sparkles in the sun!


It’s working! :D


All done~

I wouldn’t call it a peel-off base, as it took quite a long time, and I just picked most of it off in chunks. It did however, make glitter removal a gazillion times easier, but I wouldn’t use it too much. I am not sure how damaging this would be on your nails due to the peeling/picking. Probably less so than picking polish straight off, as it’s not adhered to your nail as much as a polish would. However, I personally wouldn’t be happy to use this all the time as my base coat, as I have pretty fragile nails.

I loved being able to wear this amount of glitter without worrying about removing the damn stuff! Definitely makes glitter life a lot easier. If you’re worried about it accidentally peeling off during the day, I wouldn’t. I wore it all day, went to the playground and shoved my hands in sand, and did the groceries and two loads of laundry. Also played a crap load of video games. So it stays on pretty well! Even when I picked it off, it didn’t remove or even peel up the polish on the other hand.  I’ll have a video up on my channel soon showing the removal process of it! Just need to edit it!

See you soon!



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