Essence – holo topping, please! (Holographic top coat)

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday, I went to my friend’s graduation and facebedded pretty quickly when I got home.

I wore Essence’s Holographic topcoat, which is quite a recent release I think, over a base of black. The polish itself has a pinky undertone, so it’s not as silvery as a first thought holo glitter. It is still an awesome top coat though, I would have liked a silvery sheen one as well.


This is what it looks like in the bottle. How awesomely shiny does it look? I am a sucker for sparkles, and pink, so I had to grab this regardless.


One coat – Natural Lighting


Two coats – Natural Lighting

Due to it finally being sunny outside, I could capture the ultimate shiny picture of the polish! I think I personally prefer this one as a one layer on the black, what do you think?

I managed to break another nail, because I am awesome like that. I feel very down on my nail luck right now.

I will see you tomorrow for another swatch of my other Barry M Gelly polishes! My SO is helping me work on a nice set up for photo tutorials so hopefully that will be done soon!



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