Matte Black Studded Nails

So, I am away at the moment and have my sister to play around with nail polish. We were out Monday evening and I did a simple studded black design, and then matted it out with a matte top coat.

Here is how it turned out!


One of the fun things about my sister, is that she loves her make up, while I love my nails. So I got to steal her eyelash glue to see how it fared holding on the studs! It actually did pretty well, and the studs held all evening. I topped it all (including studs) with the matte topcoat to seal it all in.

I quite like how it turned out, next time I would spend more time on the stud placement as I feel it looks a bit odd. But I did the studs pretty rushed.

What I used:
• Miss Sporty’s Black
• Essence’s Matte topcoat
• Gold 2mm Round Studs
• Eyelash glue

I’ve posted this from my phone, so it’s a bit different looking to my usual set up. I’ll be back at a PC on the coming Monday~

See you soon!


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