eBay/Amazon haul

So I did a little bit of online shopping, and they all arrived just before I arrived in England – which was nice!

Empty Plastic Cosmetic Pots
Round Gold Studs
Nail Striper Tape
Glitter Pots
Caviar Bead Pots

All of the links above are eBay links, so after a while they may not work due to auctions ending and whatnot.

I bought the cosmetic pots to store some loose glitter and caviar beads I have at home in non-resealable packages. I like the look of the black lid compared to it all being see-through.

The studs, I felt, were a must-have for me. I have loved studded clothing since I was about 14, so I just had to make the addition to my nail decoration kit as it were. I chose the gold for now, as I feel like it goes with a load of the colours that I own.

So the Nail Art tape was a nice one! Autek was the store I purchased mine from, and I must say, they have very good customer service. My first parcel of tape didn’t seem to arrive (I assume lost in the post), so I messaged them and they shipped me out another one that arrived within 2 days of the conversation. I have yet to try the tape itself out, but tape is tape. (Please note, I have no affiliation with the company, I just feel that they deserve a mention for their very good service they provided me!)

And finally, I just had to get the glitter and caviar beads. Next on my list will be the flock material for furry nails!

I will see you again soon!



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