Barry M – Ridley Road, Textured Polish

I may have accidentally bought some more polishes while I was in London again. The first one I have swatched is the new Texture Polishes from Barry M. These are reminiscent of the OPI Liquid Sand polishes, but a lot cheaper.

I have not yet tried any of the OPI Liquid Sands, so I cannot compare the quality and consistency of the two.

I love the colour of this polish. The collection so far have very “Eastery” colours. So pastels, I guess.

The photo shows two coats of the polish, one thick and a thin coat. It dried pretty quickly, and once dry it feels pretty funky to touch. I spent ages feeling the surface of my nails.

I wanted to see how it fared with some detail on as well, so I decided to do a nude bow with a half pearl. The coat of the detail polish does need to be quite thick if any detail were to be put on. This is 2 coats of the nude polish for the bow.

All in all, I really like the textured polish, though I do wish the colour choice was a bit larger. I imagine that they will add that in time. The colour choice for me personally, wasn’t very good, as most of the colours didn’t really go with my skin tone in my opinion. Could be cause of the light in the store as well, but I felt like the mint was the best colour to go with my skin for now. (Plus I really like mint).



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