31 Day Nail Challenge – Recreate Your Favourite Challenge (Rainbow/Animal Print)

I didn’t redo the exact same design, and I also combined two of the challenges instead of just doing one. I picked Rainbow and Animal Print.



I am actually pretty happy with how these turned out, and my sister really likes them as well, so maybe I will recreate these at one point for her nails.

I was pleasantly surprised with how easy these were. I used a stamping kit and just rainbowed on the pattern I wanted to use, on top of a silver polish.

What I used:
ღChina Glaze’s Icicle
ღ OPI’s Vodka and Caviar
ღ Essence’s Wake Up
ღ Miss Sporty’s Yellow
ღ NYC’s High Line
ღ Essence’s Let’s Get Lost
ღ NYC’s Prince Street
ღ Essence’s Stampy Kit

Lots of colours! Which I love~

That is now the end of the 31 day challenge! If you have anything you want me to do, just pop me a comment here or on my Facebook and I will see what I can do! I think I am going to look for another challenge, or at least modify one/use ideas so I don’t duplicate loads of the challenges I have already done.

See you soon!



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