31 Day Nail Challenge – Inspired by a Book

My “Inspired by a Book” mani is Harry Potter! I was originally going to do the book versions of the House Crests, but unfortunately I have been having really bad luck at the moment and messed up 3 manis in about half an hour. In the end I went for house colours in a scarf-inspired pattern.





Two different angles just to give more of an idea! The Hufflepuff nail didn’t work out as I wanted, as my yellow wouldn’t go solidly enough over the black, so in the end I just used a striper for that one.

What I used:
ღ China Glaze’s Icicle
ღ Essence’s go bold!
ღ Miss Sporty’s Yellow (discovered it was from their Club Colours range)
ღ OPI’s Cuckoo for this Color
ღ MAX striper polish in black
ღ OPI’s Vodka and Caviar
ღ OPI’s Blue my Mind

I cut up strips of tape with a Stanley knife (exacto knife), and then used that as a guide for the stripes. Was pretty fun to do though.



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