31 Day Nail Challenge – Inspired by a Song

I may have entirely forgotten about the “Inspired by Colour” challenge until it was too dark to take a nice photo of the mani I did for it. So I am going to swap the days around.

The “song” this mani is inspired by is actually a piece of music from a video game. I don’t really listen to music too much, so I just went with something else. The song in question is: Dragonroost Island from the Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker gamecube game. This came out in 2003, so it’s a bit nostalgic at the same time.



LtoR: Din’s Pearl, Medli, Valoo, The Wind Waker



I am semi-proud of these, not my best work, but I still like them. Unfortunately some of my acrylic paints are super runny so they didn’t go on nicely (Link’s hair) which made me a little bit sad. I should invest in some new acrylic paints I think.

What I used:
ღAcrylic Paint
ღOPI’s Teal the Cows Come Home (Wind Waker background)
ღ NYC’s High Line Green (Link’s hat)
ღHEMA’s white (Valoo’s background)
ღ H&M’s Orange Reddish (Din’s Pearl background)

It took a while, I will admit, longer than I would have wanted for how they turned out. Though, I still have a lot of practise to do!

Tomorrow, my Inspired by Colour will be up!



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