The Netherlands Haul

This haul was way before I went away and I just never got around to uploading it.


Top Row: Absolute Pure – Essence, Grand Central Station – NYC, High Line Green – NYC
Bottom Row: 809 (White) – HEMA, go bold! – Essence
Left: Vintage District Nail Art Decoration Kit – Essence
Middle: Nail Polish Remover – Kruidvat

Not really an amazing looking haul. I got two clears since I use clear a lot and the NYC was BOGOF and I didn’t see any other colour I liked. I loved the look of the Essence “Vintage District” deco kit. They had two but I couldn’t get the second one because money. It’s a little bag of glitters and deco pearls (like the caviar kits).

The green was for my rainbow designs, as I didn’t have a green and was using acrylic paint. Which looked a bit weird just that one colour by itself. The gold is for a design I have in mind which I will do soon!

I am back in Abu Dhabi again in a week or so, so I will have lots prepared to put up on the blog then so it’s not all empty while I am not here. I am also going to a wedding, so special nails to match my dress are called for!



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