The Mauritius Haul

Another haul! This time is from when I was in Mauritius~


LtoR: 23 (Magnetic Green) – La Femme, Black, White, Blue Curacao, Waikiki Orange, Black Cherry, Sparkling Silver – All Mavala Minis

The only one out of this set I have used is the La Femme magnetic polish. I’m not very impressed by it so far, as the one time I used it, the magnetic polish only worked once on 10 nails. I will try it again in the future as well once I swatch it. The green itself is a nice colour anyway, so even if the magnet doesnt work, it makes a nice polish. It was also ridiculously cheap (50pence cheap) from a Mauritian market, so I wasn’t exactly expecting too much from it.

The Mavala ones are super nice coloured. I’ve not managed to get a chance to use them yet, but I look forward to it. The black, white and silver glitter were from a set called “Vice Versa” and the other three were loose.

All of these were also gifts. (I wouldn’t be able to afford all of these!)



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