The UK Haul Post

Hey everyone!

I am properly back home in the Netherlands now, and unpacked so I can get onto making my posts again~ I thought I would start off the week with a haul post from when I went to the UK. Most of these were birthday presents as it was my birthday when I was away.


LtoR: Pinktastic – H&M, Norwegian Sky – H&M, Orange Reddish – H&M, Wine Shimmer – Maybelline

I am pleasantly surprised with the H&M polishes, they were £2.99 and £1.50 I think, something around there anyway. So they were pretty cheap. I will make a swatch post for them soon, but for now, I will say I like them. Pinktastic needs around 4 coats or so if you don’t like the whites of your nails showing. It’s very sheer. Norwegian Sky needs 2 coats, and the same with Orange Reddish. I’ve not yet tried out the Maybelline one.


LtoR: Venus Sunset (Magnetic), Watermelon (Gelly), Amethyst Glitter, Chameleon Pink (colour changing), Denim – All Barry M

This is my Barry M haul! I have tried out 3 of the 5, yet again I will get a swatch post of these up soon. I have tried Venus Sunset, Chameleon Pink and Denim. All have a very nice consistency to put on, but I expected nothing less from Barry M. The quality for the price is fantastic. My only regret is that they don’t sell them in the Netherlands, and I have to wait to go back to England to buy them.

Well, this is the first out of 3 haul posts! I will be back onto my challenges this week, and then after that I may pick up another challenge, or just do pretty designs, we will see!



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