The Char Returns~

Hello all,

I am finally back to a decent computer and internet. I was in Mauritius for the past two weeks, and all I had with me were my tablet and netbook which aren’t the best at uploading any pictures. I was also leeching internet from my aunt’s house most of the time so it was pretty dead.

I got a small haul when I got to London before Mauritius, which I will upload and swatch as I have used all the polishes already. I also got some nice polishes from my aunt and cousin for my birthday while I was out there! So those will also be swatched.

In the meantime, I received my swatch sticks and wheels so I can finally organise my polishes and designs! I’m excited.

My boyfriend came up with a fun idea for blog posts to do with my holiday, so I will work on those when I get back! I have missed my little blog and feel bad for not being here for 3 weeks.

I think I will also search for another fun nail challenge to do once I finish the last week of this one! (Taking it’s time, huh?)

I’ll be going back to Dubai in a couple of weeks, but this time I will have posts and things prepared for when I go away so I don’t have to abandon the blog.

Anyway, pictures soon!



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