NinjaPolish – Alexandrite

Good evening!

A while ago, I purchased a bottle of polish called Alexandrite from a lovely little website called NinjaPolish. Now this was not the first time I had heard of them, but it was the first time that I ordered from them.

I bought a couple of polishes from GlitterGal, and then a NinjaPolish indie.



Alexandrite is unfortunately not stocked anymore, I managed to nab one when they restocked last. It’s a gorgeous purple and green duochrome glitter polish.

All photos are with 2 coats, with a black polish base. The first photo, is in an artificially lit room, and you can see the wonderful two tones to the glitters. This next photo, I took on the train to Amsterdam, so the light is just the sun.



As you can see, with the sunlit nails, the greens and blues show through nicely. The density of the glitter is really nice. I was originally expecting it to be denser than it was, but I really like the overall density of the polish.

You need two coats to cover your nails nicely, but if you just want a little bit of shimmer, one coat is nice.



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