Chark’s Storage – Cotton Pads/Swabs

I thought I would share with you how I store some of my nail items, maybe to give you some help and tips if you needed some thoughts on storing things.

My first item I would like to share, is a biscuit /chocolate tin! I got this over Christmas as a present, I believe it’s from Sainsbury’s (a supermarket in the UK). I use this to store all my cotton pads and cotton swabs I use for polish removal and clean up. I thought the tin was absolutely darling, and it was just lying around until about 2 days ago when I was getting annoyed at the plastic sleeve that all round cotton pads come in.

Cotton Pad Tin
My and my bf live in a flat share, so the space we have is super tiny. Boxes and tins make easy storage solutions for little things like these. I like to keep gift boxes and mail boxes that we receive parcels in (albeit rarely).

This tin fits an entire “tube” of pads, and about half a box of cotton swabs (which I have tied up with a small hairband).



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