31 Day Nail Challenge – Glitter

Glitter. The pain of the crafting world.

You will have to excuse the excess glitter floating around, I am sure all you glitter users are very aware of the fun that is glitter. Going in places you don’t want it to be, regardless if you put it there or not.



My thumb is my favourite nail, so I had to take a picture of it as well!

Not sure what happened, but my Photoshop decided to not cooperate today and the watermarks are all weird.

Anyway! Today’s mani is a nice glitter gradient. After not realising how dense the glitter in this polish is, I am very surprised it came out as a gradient and not as a blob. I also put a nice matte topcoat on it to tone it down a little, and I really like glitter gradients on a matte black polish.

What I used:
ღ China Glaze Electrify (glitter)
ღ Miss Sporty’s Black
ღ Essence’s Soft Touch Topcoat (matte)


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