31 Day Nail Challenge – Black and White

Since I am trying not to do plain nails for the challenges, today’s nails are two different kinds! (One hand being different from the other). I had a couple of ideas, so I just decided to do them both instead of just one.

My first design is a load of pandas! One of my good friends came up with the idea when I was talking to her about today’s challenge this morning on Skype. My cuticles at the moment are really dry because of the cold, and no matter how much creaming and oiling, they just seem to want to stay dry today.

As you can see from this picture, my cuticles are really not happy. But penguins! I am kind of glad I got this picture before fixing the smudge on my little finger, cause I ended up smudging even more. Today is just not my day for nail things apparently. I just also noticed the poor pointer-finger penguin’s eye. I am sorry penguin. :(

What I used:
ღ OPI’s Alpine Snow
ღ Miss Sporty’s Black
ღ Miss Sporty’s Yellow
ღ Dotting tools

Today was a very simple day, as the dotting tool and polish were just used for both designs.



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