31 Day Nail Challenge – Yellow

Happy Yellow nails day! Once again, another colour that I feel doesn’t really go with my skin, since I have yellow undertones. Regardless, here they are!


I am quite proud of them, except the special one in the middle. He looks a bit silly. Pichu is such a cute Pokémon, and it was between that, or Elekid.

What I used:
ღ Miss Sporty’s Yellow (label has been removed so no idea what the colour is called)
ღMiss Sporty’s Black
ღMiss Sporty’s White
ღOPI’s Vodka and Caviar
ღDotting tools
ღNail art brush

These took quite a long time, cause my hands aren’t very steady, and I have pretty small nails. All-in-all, I like how they turned out! My favourite is either Shiny Pichu (ring finger) or my thumb one!

See you tomorrow for Green!



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